What is contemporary style?

contemporary styleAre you “in style”? Does your home have a look that would be considered cool by today’s standards? If so, then your home probably has been designed and decorated with a contemporary look. But what does “contemporary” really mean?

Many times contemporary style is classified as a distinct style and doesn’t encompass other design styles. Commonly, and un-knowingly, people think furniture considered contemporary is something they are most likely to find in an upscale art gallery in New York city. What they fail to realize is that the word contemporary simply means “of the present time,” and this can encompass a broad range of designs.

If you are looking for a more straight line look and want to stay within the contemporary design, then look for pieces that are of Danish or Scandinavian design. Contemporary Scandinavian designers often use straight lines in their designs and leave their pieces unadorned and crafted of walnut and teak. Sometimes their pieces will have gentle curves, but these will not be at a premium.

The most common label for contemporary furniture is “Artsy” and is likely to be found in urban locations and lofts. This furniture often has flare and is extremely simple. Furniture pieces in this category are not always adorned with straight lines, but typically showcase curved lines to give them a unique look and shape. Leather and microfibers are usually the upholstery of choice in this case.

Finally, minimalist styled furniture takes the contemporary look to the extreme and is known for its use of straight lines. The Minimalist approach was inspired by Bauhaus design and puts emphasis on free space, functionality, and economical design. You won’t find a lot of furniture in a minimalistic room. Instead, you will find one of two pieces accompanied by a lot of space.

Whether its curvy lines or straight lined, urban or minimalistic, visit your local PMD Furniture Direct ™ franchisee and shop their immense selection of contemporary furniture from the Royal Heritage Home Furnishings Collection and give your home the fresh style you are looking for!

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