April 11th, 2011

Spring Furniture Market

Well, it was that time again, where all of the furniture industry join together in High Point, North Carolina to view hot new furniture styles and colors!  This year was no exception.  In sofa fabrics we saw a lot of bright colors and bold reds.  Leather is trending with button cushions.  In bedroom furniture, the storage bed is still very popular, as is the marble top Louis Philippe.  As for formal dining, that business is dropping because people are moving away from the formal dining room, but we did see some counter height formal dining which was eye catching.  The mattress designs have not changed much but we are beginning to see a hint of color in what is normally an off-white world.

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January 31st, 2011

PMD Furniture Direct™ Gives Back to Help Kids and Support Autism Research

Las Vegas, January 26, 2010: Tuesday evening the furniture industry Autismand PMD Furniture Direct  gave back in a very big way to Autism Speaks.  Co-hosts Jerry Williams and Scott Graham, both of PMD Furniture, along with industry Co-hosts David Wachendorfer, Phil Miner, Mike McQuiston, Mark Quinn, Joe Amato, Randy Coconis, Stuart Carlitz and Doug Krinsky conducted the 3rd Annual Ante4Autism event at the Las Vegas furniture market and raised over $9,000!  “We had a great group of players and we were very pleased with the turnout” Krinsky said.   The combined donations, entry fees and corporate support totaled over $9,000 and we continue to receive donations.  Jim Ralph was the Grand Champion this year and Co-Host Jerry Wiliams was our runner up.  Both graciously donated their winnings back to Autism Speaks, as did other top finishers.    Tom Daley finished in 3rd place and Co-host Phil Miner placed 4th.

The hosts would also like to thank several supporters of the event:  Leggett and Platt, David Wachendorfer of Tempur-Pedic, Phil Miner and Mike McQuiston at Symbol and Bob Quinn at Restonic for their corporate donations of prizes for the raffle drawing.   The hosts would also like to thank Mack Mattress Outlet in Columbus, OH, and the Serta Mattress Company for sponsoring our food for the evening. In addition we want to thank Kyle Doran at R & A Marketing, Marv Beneteau at RMG, David Lively of The Lively Merchant and Binion’s for their help and support of the event.   In addition, co-host Doug Krinsky said, “We would like to thank everyone that attended or donated to 3rd Annual Ante4Autism event.”  “We will also continue to accept donations on line or by check as well.”  Donations can be made by visiting:   http://www.ramarketing.com/ante4autism or checks can be made out to “Autism Speaks” and mailed to Doug Krinsky, 5405 Blackhawk Forest Drive, Westerville, OH  43082. If you would like to help us with the next event please contact Doug Krinsky at (614)554-0802 or yogi1125@aol.com.

“We were very excited with the turnout this year and look forward to an even bigger event next January” said Krinsky.  “The furniture industry has a big heart when it comes to giving back and once again we were not disappointed!”  “There is hope with new treatments, therapies and the research being done right now that some day in the near future we can find the cause of autism, and prevent it.”   “The prevalence of Autism is now 1 in 110 births and we need do more research to stop this epidemic from continuing to rise.”  “We thank everyone for their support and hope to see everyone again next year” said Krinsky.

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December 14th, 2010

PMD Furniture Supports Cure for Autism

logo copy3rd Annual Ante 4 Autism Fundraiser During the Las Vegas Furniture Market in January

Furniture industry invited to help raise money to support Autism research

Las Vegas, December 1, 2010: Furniture retailers, buyers, manufacturers, sales reps and suppliers are invited to the Third Annual Ante 4 Autism event at the Las Vegas Market in January.  The Texas Hold’em Tournament benefits Autism Speaks, whose mission is to increase awareness about the growing Autism epidemic and raise funds for research, family services and advocacy in local communities and nationwide. Doug Krinsky, parent of a child with Autism and Sales Manager for the Restonic Mattress Company, is co-hosting a tournament at Binion’s (Downtown Las Vegas) on Tuesday, January 25, at 7:00 pm.

Autism is a complex brain disorder that inhibits a person’s ability to communicate and develop social relationships, and is often accompanied by extreme behavioral challenges.  “Autism spectrum disorders are diagnosed now in one in 110 children in the United States, and 1 in 70 boys,” said Krinsky.  “Our third annual event will raise funds to help families and give all of us in the industry the opportunity to give back and have fun at the same time,” said Krinsky.  “It is devastating to see the impact this disability has on families,” he added.   “We are optimistic that some day in the near future we can find the cause of Autism, and prevent it.”

Players, who must be 21 years of age, can register through the day of the tournament online at www.ramarketing.com/ante4autism.  All players will receive an Autism Speaks t-shirt and pin.  The winner will receive the Third Annual Ante 4 Autism Grand Prize winner’s plaque, as well as a portion of the proceeds.  The entry fee is $125, and $50 of each entry goes directly to Autism Speaks.

Donations are also being accepted, even if you cannot play in the tournament. All donations support Autism Speaks.  Each $50 donation will receive a raffle entry for prizes that will be awarded at the tournament, including a Tempur-Pedic queen set of bedding, a Restonic queen set of bedding, a Twin X Long Power Base from Leggett and Platt, and more! The winner need not be present to win.

To make a donation or register to play in the tournament, go to www.ramarketing.com/ante4autism or visit the Poker Room at Binion’s on Tuesday, January 25 after 7:00 pm.  Light snacks and food will be available at the event.  Checks made out to “Autism Speaks” will be accepted at the tournament or may be mailed to Doug Krinsky, 5405 Blackhawk Forest Drive, Westerville, OH  43082.

Additional hosts include: Scott Graham, PMD Furniture Direct, VP of Operations, General Merchandise Manager; Jerry Williams, PMD Furniture Direct, Chief Operating Officer; Randy Coconis, Coconis Furniture, Owner;  Stuart Carlitz, Eclipse International, President;  Phil Miner, Symbol Mattress, Sales Manager; Mike McQuiston, Symbol Mattress, Sales Manager; David Wachendorfer, Tempur-Pedic, Vice President Sales Development and Retail Training; Joseph Amato, Mattress Matters, Owner; and Mark Quinn, Leggett and Platt, Segment Vice President of Marketing.   Special thanks to Kyle Doran, President of R & A Marketing for his help on this event, David Lively, The Lively Merchant, and Marv Beneteau at RMG.

To learn more about Autism please visit www.autismspeaks.org.

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November 16th, 2010

Furniture Industry Resembles London During WWII – Not So With PMD Furniture

It was a pitiful site.  You can almost hear the German bombs London bombingshitting and leaving huge craters in the landscape during those horrific bombings on London during 1940 and 1941 of WWII.  At one point, the Germans ran bombing raids unmercifully for 57 nights in a row.  The devastation was vivid and complete.

The furniture industry is not much different from the London landscape over the last three years unfortunately.  You see headlines like;  “Patriot Furniture to Close two stores in Waco and Killeen, Texas”, “Norka Furniture Stores Fold in Akron, Ohio”, “Isreals Furniture Faces Foreclosure in Western Michigan”, “Bankrupt Jennifer Convertibles Leaves Atlanta Market”, “Five Ashley Stores Closing in North Carolina” and “Montana Furniture Galleries Stores Closing Statewide”.

going-out-of-business1Many of the businesses that closed reported they could not meet high expenses, could not compete with the major furniture retail chains and did not have enough capital to stay in business.

Existing furniture companies were not a whole lot better off.  Between 2008 and 2009, some of the largest furniture retailers in the United States like Ashley Homestores, Rooms-To-Go, La-Z-Boy Furniture Galleries, Ethan Allen and Thomasville Home Furnishings Stores reported large decreases, with a few reporting double digit decreases.  Many of the largest specialty sleep retailers like Sleepy’s, Mattress Firm, Select Comfort and Mattress Giant also reported decreases for that period.

One national furniture company has been fortunate during these volatile financial times as they have developed a franchise program with high profit potential.  That company is PMD Furniture Direct, Inc.,  headquartered in Columbus, Ohio.  Their franchisees are thriving in today’s economy by combining their unique advertising and marketing methodology with aggressive retail furniture prices and very low overhead.  The overhead is low because their leases are lower and shorter than traditional furniture stores, their advertising cost is very small, and it is a “one man show”.

PMD clearance centers work by appointment only pmd_logowhich leads to a flexible schedule and a healthy home life.  And, their model is unique because it is a one man show, without all of the headaches and cost of multiple employees.  It’s always nice to know that when times are tough financially, there is a welcoming light on the horizon like PMD Furniture Direct!

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October 21st, 2010

“Honey, Don’t Always Sit on That Side of the Sofa.”

“Honey, why do you always sit on that side of the sofa when you watch TV!?” my wife says.  What!?  “It’s my house and my furniture too” I reply!  I can’t believe it…  She goes on to explain29042 loveseat that sitting on one cushion will ruin the sofa.  I need to change it up and spend equal amounts of time on each cushion to even the wear.

A few months ago we bought a beautiful new leather sofa.   My wife had talked about it for months.  I wasn’t paying attention.  But I should have taken a hint. I hate to shop, can think of nothing more heinous, especially for furniture.  I think I would rather stand in line at the Bureau of Motor Vehicles for days than hang around a furniture store for an hour.

Anyway, we shop and shop and shop.  Finally, we find a nice soft Royal Heritage® leather sofa that feels soft as a baby’s butt. Long enough to stretch out on and take a Sunday nap.  Even the arms were padded enough to cradle my head perfectly.  Better yet, the thing comes with a large ottoman that I can put my feet up on.  If this is how the sofas are in heaven, I can’t wait to get there!

So, it’s Monday night, I’ve worked hard all day and I am beat.  All I can think of is getting home, getting into sweat pants and a big t-shirt, grabbing a beer and potato chips, maybe sneak a few pieces of candy my wife has hidden, then plopping on my new leather sofa with feet propped up on the ottoman (socks only of course).  I have the end table strategically placed on my left and at the perfect height.  The lamp switch is at shoulder height for easy on and off.  Huge matching leather storage ottoman placed perfectly in front of me.

heated-throw-blanket~360204_304I grab my favorite blanket out of the storage ottoman along with a pillow.  I put the pillow beside me as an arm rest and throw the blanket over my lap and legs.  The beer, chips and candy are placed on the end table to my left exactly at arm distance.  The computer is on my lap and NFL.com dialed up.  I reach across to the TV remote control (placed a half inch from the beer).  Monday Night football begins and the opening song of the show drifts heavenly through the room.

“You always sit on that cushion” a voice says.  What? Who is talking – oh crap, that’s right, my wife is sitting just seven feet away in a chair reading.  I completely forgot she was there – forgot she was even home…    Look, I am a big guy, with a computer on my lap; I do tend to punish a sofa cushion.  “This is MY spot” I say.  “I have all the comforts of home right here, I always sit here – I HAVE to sit here” I reply defiantly.  I even went into an explanation about dominant eye…  “I don’t care, you are ruining that cushion!  Look, it already looks more smashed than the one at the end, and we’ve only had the sofa for a couple of months” my wife replies.  “Ok, ok, geesh, I will sit on the other end I guess”.

I slowly throw the blanket off my lap, set the lap top down and push the pillow away.  I shove the ottoman out so I can stand up.  I pick up my beer, chips and candy (which she now sees and makes a comment that she has to change the hiding place…), and carry them over to the other end table on the right side of the sofa.  I sit down.  The cushion sits much harder at this end, and higher.  I don’t like it.  There is no lamp ondog-on-sofa this side and it is uncomfortable to make the reach now with my opposite hand…  I put my feet back up on the ottoman, pull the blanket back over me and put the pillow under my arm as the armrest.  I am uncomfortable and a plant is in the way…

My wife is now happy.  I am not. This end of the sofa is too hard.  I can’t reach my beer and food comfortably. The pillow does not feel the same under my arm.  The blanket is cold now.  And I can’t see the football game as well because I am not using my dominant eye…  So, I remove the pillow and call my dog Benson up on the sofa.

He gets comfortable next to me and I have a new soft arm rest on my left side.  It’s a little better now..  Then I hear “Andrew, how many times have I told you to not let the dog on the sofa!?”  Geesh, I can’t win…

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September 29th, 2010

It’s War on Bed Bugs!

Bed-bugsWow!  We are hearing about Bed Bugs everywhere.  From department stores in NYC to radio talk shows!  Bed bugs have been found inside the Indiana University campus library?  It truly looks like we need to declare War on Bed Bugs!

What Are Bed Bugs?

Bed bugs are small little wingless insects that feed exclusively on the blood of warm-blooded mammals.  Humans are the ideal host.  They can be light tan or burnt orange in color.  Just after molting most of them are plane white.  Bed bugs have evolved over millions of years as nest parasites – inhabiting the nest of birds and bats for instance.  Some of them have learned to adapt to the human environment and live in “our nest”.

They are called bed bugs because they prefer to live in our beds, mattresses, sofas and other soft furniture.

Bed bugs feed for about 5 minutes, then go into hiding for about 5 to 10 days then feed again.  If there is no food readily available (human blood), bed bugs have been known to lie dormant for months waiting to feed again.

Are Bed Bugs Dangerous to Humans?

Not really.  Other than a mosquito bite type look or a small rash, there is not much danger to bed bug bites and they are not known to carry any diseases.  In extreme cases people can have an allergic reaction.  Bed bugs bite by injecting a small amount of their saliva into the human host which results in a painless reaction.  Quite often the bite does not manifest itself for an hour or two, maybe much longer.  Therefore, sometimes it is hard to detect that you have bed bugs right away because you don’t have symptoms.

How do Bed Bugs Get in to Your Home?

Although studies have shown that bed bugs can travel in one’s luggage, the most common way to bring them into your home is via used furniture and mattresses.

How to Eliminate and Prevent Bed Bugs?

Once you detect that you have a bed bug problem you may want to call a pest removal professional first as they can help in the detection and recommend a removal process for your particular situation.

If you decide to do it yourself the first step would be to remove the coverings on any item of furniture or mattress that is infected.  If you are able to wash the fabric in hot water do so, if not, wash normally but set the dryer on hot – at least 120º.  If in the winter, you may take these coverings outside and leave in the freezing weather for 24 hours.

Then vacuum the mattress or sofa all over especially in the folds and cracks.  Then use insecticides to kill the bugs.

Preventing Bed Bugs by Encasing Your Mattress and Box Spring.

You could encase both the mattress and box spring as a proactive measure.  As soon as you put the encasement on Bed-Bug-Kit-258x300your bed any bed bugs trapped inside will eventually die, provided you do not unzip shortly after putting them on.  Some people encase their new beds as it prevents bugs from getting in and makes it easier to clean.

Bed bug covers can be purchased online and from most reputable retailers.  Make sure you are buying “bed bug specific” and that you cover both the mattress and box.

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August 4th, 2010

Relax yourself by reclining

604-pure-suede-rec-pathPeople need to relax. More importantly YOU need to relax. It is very important to your survival that the amount of stress you put on yourself be lowered and the amount of time you spend relaxing be increased.

One of the single best pieces of furniture to relax in is the almighty recliner.  A recliner is a piece of furniture, such as a large armchair or sofa, that can be adjusted into a reclining position by lowering the back of the piece and raising the footrest. A reclining chair can adjust to different levels from a slight incline, to lying almost flat.

But what type of recliner is right for you?

Stressless Recliners

Stressless recliners are perfect for a family with a fashionable home who want to maintain the home’s sleek style while still having a piece of furniture they can relax in and enjoy the day. Stressless Recliners come in two separate pieces: the reclining chair and a matching footstool to elevate your feet. The chair typically reclines to about 45 degrees and can come in either a high or low back. These recliners come in a whole range of fabrics and colors, allowing you to find the perfect match for your stylish home.

Massage Recliners

What they lack in style, they gain in extreme comfort.  Massage recliners are the ideal item for treatment of tired legs and backs. They come with a variety of massage types and many different reclining positions.  Your legs are cared for too as they include mechanisms to massage your feet, calves, and upper leg.  Typically, they are operated manually but sometimes offer pre-programmed massages for specific parts of your body.

Swivel Recliners

Swivel recliners are probably the most prevalent recliners today since they provide maximum comfort. The swivel base of the recliner allows it to turn in a 360-degree motion, allowing you to see all sides of the room without having to stand up. It reclines using a small lever, and has both a chair and an ottoman with a base that contains the swivel mechanism.  Pull the lever, lean back, kick your feet up and give yourself the much needed relaxation to recharge your batteries for the next day’s activities.

Sofa Recliners

Not to be left out, sofas can be made to recline as well. Many sofas are manufactured with reclining mechanisms of their own, giving your family or guests ultimate comfort in any occasion. Reclining sofas have backs that recline in at least two places and have a footrest which comes up as the back reclines. These can come in a variety of sizes and styles, giving them the ability to fit any kind of décor.

Whether it’s enjoying a good movie or after a long day’s work , visit your local PMD Furniture Direct ™ franchisee and shop their immense selection of reclining furniture from the Royal Heritage Home Furnishings Collection and give yourself the ultimate in relaxation!

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July 29th, 2010

The style of a cottage

lake-front-of-benchWhether it was a family trip up north to the country, or a holiday spent at grandma’s house, many of us have stayed at a country or cottage-styled home at one time in our very busy lives. Country and cottage-styled homes are a staple of American design and can be a peaceful place to live or visit, and are a place where your problems  seem to fade away.

But what exactly is a country or cottage-styled home?

Continuing with our design style theme, we will explore the different types of country and cottage designs, and how these styles are represented in homes across the U.S.

Emphasized by natural woods with deep finishes, Americana style homes are very simple when it comes to ornamentation but tend to have a very patriotic feel. Fabrics are muted colors and are adorned with starts and stripes. This style of home can be a perfect place to spend a Fourth of July or other patriotic holiday.

On the other hand, a Cottage-styled home typically has lots of wicker or iron pieces of furniture and gets its style from the natural surroundings that encompasses it. Cotton and linen fabrics found in the home will have a floral or checkered pattern giving the home an almost country like feel.

If you have ever visited  a home on the Great Lakes, then you probably know what a Classic Costal design is. Designed to look like a beach house, homes that are designed with a Costal look will embrace a relaxed approach and display nautical themes.

However, there are different variations to a Costal theme. Gulf Coast styles bring together Art Deco and vibrant colors, with wicker and rattan, sending you back in time to the ‘50s. Done correctly, Gulf Coast styled homes can be a very cool place to live or visit. Pacific Coast designed homes tend to be influenced heavily by Asian influence, and will be decorated in deep finishes with very comfortable fabrics.  Similar to the Classic Costal look, Atlantic Seaboard designed homes have louvers and shutters with a color palette similar to that of lighthouses.

Finally, Rustic and Lodge styled homes are designed with a rugged approach but still offer the bonus of relaxation. Earth tones are prevalent here, while exposed wood in very light finishes are adorned with Native American artwork, wood carvings and natured inspired accessories. Fabrics that line the beds and couches will usually have a hand-woven feel.

Whether its Rustic, Classic Coastal, or Country styled homes, visit your local PMD Furniture Direct ™ franchisee and shop their immense selection of cottage styled furniture from the Royal Heritage Home Furnishings Collection and give your home the vacation style feel you have been looking for!

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July 22nd, 2010

What is contemporary style?

contemporary styleAre you “in style”? Does your home have a look that would be considered cool by today’s standards? If so, then your home probably has been designed and decorated with a contemporary look. But what does “contemporary” really mean?

Many times contemporary style is classified as a distinct style and doesn’t encompass other design styles. Commonly, and un-knowingly, people think furniture considered contemporary is something they are most likely to find in an upscale art gallery in New York city. What they fail to realize is that the word contemporary simply means “of the present time,” and this can encompass a broad range of designs.

If you are looking for a more straight line look and want to stay within the contemporary design, then look for pieces that are of Danish or Scandinavian design. Contemporary Scandinavian designers often use straight lines in their designs and leave their pieces unadorned and crafted of walnut and teak. Sometimes their pieces will have gentle curves, but these will not be at a premium.

The most common label for contemporary furniture is “Artsy” and is likely to be found in urban locations and lofts. This furniture often has flare and is extremely simple. Furniture pieces in this category are not always adorned with straight lines, but typically showcase curved lines to give them a unique look and shape. Leather and microfibers are usually the upholstery of choice in this case.

Finally, minimalist styled furniture takes the contemporary look to the extreme and is known for its use of straight lines. The Minimalist approach was inspired by Bauhaus design and puts emphasis on free space, functionality, and economical design. You won’t find a lot of furniture in a minimalistic room. Instead, you will find one of two pieces accompanied by a lot of space.

Whether its curvy lines or straight lined, urban or minimalistic, visit your local PMD Furniture Direct ™ franchisee and shop their immense selection of contemporary furniture from the Royal Heritage Home Furnishings Collection and give your home the fresh style you are looking for!

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July 21st, 2010

Things to pay attention to when shopping for the perfect piece of furniture.

question-mark“What color do I need?…..should I go with fabric?…..what style do I need?……will this even fit?….do I have enough money?!!”………

We have all been there before. Picking out a new piece of furniture can be a very stressful time, especially when there are so many factors to take into consideration. Take your time and don’t make a hasty decision, this will save you from hating your furniture for years to come. In order to help you find the right piece of furniture, we have compiled a list of factors you need to think about before you go shopping. Each recommendation will help you find that perfect item you will treasure for years.

  • Space is key: How much space do you have to work with? This is the first question you need to ask yourself. It’s simple…regardless of what you want, if you don’t have the space, then don’t even consider it!  The shape and size of your room will help you determine what to look for. For instance, if you’re looking for a living room sectional and don’t have a lot of room to work with, consider a loveseat over a sofa.
  • Measurements: You want to bring your furniture in your house, right?. Many people find the perfect piece, buy it, get it home and oops it doesn’t fit through the door. Keep in mind that some sofas are simply too big to bring into your home. In order to get the piece into the room, it has to first fit through the door. Measure all your furniture pieces already in the home. This will give you a solid base of measurements to look for in a piece of furniture.  This will save you the stress on the way home about whether it will fit through the door.
  • What’s your lifestyle: What is your life like? Is it just you or are you a part of a large family? Will the piece you buy often have smaller children on it? Your lifestyle determines what type of piece you should buy. If you entertain guests regularly, consider a sturdy, comfortable couch. Buy pieces of furniture that will flow with your lifestyle and won’t leave you pulling your hair out every time you have guests over.
  • Budget: It’s simple. Don’t buy what you can’t afford. Always plan around your budget. You shouldn’t burden yourself with the added stress that accompanies paying off home décor you can’t afford. Quality furniture costs more, but will last longer. Cheap furniture, while easy on the budget, doesn’t last long and you may find yourself buying furniture again in several years. Determine how long you want your home décor to last and shop for items that fit that time range, and most importantly your budget.

When following these steps for buying a piece of furniture, visit your local PMD Furniture Direct ™ franchisee and shop their massive selection of high quality furniture from the Royal Heritage Home Furnishings Collection and leave in peace, knowing you got that perfect piece!

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